Search bar / search button#

By default, the search input field is hidden, and there is a search button (a magnifying glass icon ) in the top navbar. The search input field will be displayed when a user either:

  • Clicks the search button in the header.

  • Presses the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + K (Linux, Windows) or + K (macOS).

You can also configure some aspects of the search button and search field, described below.

Configure the search field position#

The position of the search button is controlled by search-button and by default is included in html_theme_options["navbar_persistent"]; you may move it elsewhere as befits your site’s layout, or remove it. You can also add an always-visible search field to some/all pages in your site by adding search-field.html to one of the configuration variables (e.g., html_sidebars, html_theme_options["footer_start"], etc.).

For example, if you’d like the search field to be in your sidebar, add it to the sidebar templates like so:

html_sidebars = {
    "**": ["search-field.html", "sidebar-nav-bs.html", "sidebar-ethical-ads.html"]

If instead, you’d like to put the search field in the top navbar, use the following configuration:

html_theme_options = {
    "navbar_end": ["navbar-icon-links.html", "search-field.html"]


If a page includes both the search button and an always-visible search field, the keyboard shortcuts will focus on the always-visible field and the hidden search field overlay will not display. This may not be what you want: on small screens (i.e. mobile devices) the sidebars may be hidden in a drawer, and if the persistent search field is there, it may receive focus without actually being made visible. It is strongly recommended that you use either the search button and the hidden/overlaid field that comes with it, or use a persistent search field in a place that makes sense for your layout.

Configure the search bar text#

To modify the text that is in the search bar before people click on it, add the following configuration to your file:

html_theme_options = {
    "search_bar_text": "Your text here..."