Read the Docs functionality#

This theme comes with support for Read the Docs, a popular service for hosting documentation in the scientific Python community.

Version switcher#

Projects hosted on Read the Docs can use the Read the Docs supplied version switcher instead of the version switcher that this theme provides. Its presence will be automatically detected by this theme, and placed in the rtd-footer-container node inside the primary sidebar.


The Read the Docs version switcher will be hidden any time the primary sidebar is hidden (see this section for discussion of when the primary sidebar might get hidden automatically and how to hide it purposely). We intend to make Read the Docs switcher placement more flexible; you can track progress toward that in this issue.

Add ethical advertisements to your sidebar#

If you’re hosting your documentation on ReadTheDocs, you should consider adding an explicit placement for their ethical advertisements. These are non-tracking advertisements from ethical companies, and they help ReadTheDocs sustain themselves and their free service.

Ethical advertisements are added to your sidebar by default. To ensure they are there if you manually update your sidebar, ensure that the sidebar-ethical-ads.html template is added to your list. For example:

html_sidebars = {
    "**": ["search-field.html", "sidebar-nav-bs.html", "sidebar-ethical-ads.html"]