User Guide#

The user guide describes how to use and customize this theme.

How the theme is structured#

Below is a brief overview of the major layout of this theme. First, take a look at the diagram to understand what the major sections are called. This theme inherits its structure and section terminology from the Sphinx Basic NG theme.

% The directives below generate a grid-like layout that mimics the structure of this theme. % It uses Sphinx Design grids:



Section links


Primary Sidebar

Links between pages in the active section.

Article content

Article footer

Secondary sidebar

Within-page header links

Most of the functionality of this theme is built into its header and sidebars, so each is explained briefly below.

  • Header: Contains links for each major section of your documentation. These are generated from your documentation’s top-level documentation toctree items. Also contains your site’s logo and icon links and components that are site-wide.

  • Primary Sidebar: Contains links between pages in the active section. These are the second-level toctree items in your documentation. This will only be displayed if there are other pages in a section or if no section is active (like on the landing page)

  • Secondary Sidebar: Contains links to headers within the current page as well as page-specific source links.

Configure the theme#

You can configure the behavior, look, and feel of the theme in many ways. The remaining pages in the user guide cover various ways of doing so.