Structure of this theme#

Location and structure of documentation#

The documentation for this theme is in the docs/ folder. It is structured as a Sphinx documentation site. The content is written in a combination of reStructuredText and MyST Markdown.

Location and structure of CSS/JS assets#

The CSS and JS for this theme are built for the browser from src/pydata_sphinx_theme/assets/* with webpack. The main entry points are:

  • CSS: src/pydata_sphinx_theme/assets/styles/pydata-sphinx-theme.scss

    • the main part of the theme assets

    • customizes Bootstrap with Sass

  • JS: src/pydata_sphinx_theme/assets/scripts/pydata-sphinx-theme.js

    • provides add-on Bootstrap features, as well as some custom navigation behavior

  • webpack: webpack.config.js

    • captures the techniques for transforming the JS and CSS source files in src/pydata_sphinx_theme/assets/* into the production assets in src/theme/pydata_sphinx_theme/static/