5. Top-level headers and the TOC#

Your right table of contents will behave slightly differently depending on whether your page has one top-level header, or multiple top-level headers. See below for more information.

6. An example with multiple top-level headers#

If a page has multiple top-level headers on it, then the in-page Table of Contents will show each top-level header. On this page, there are multiple top-level headers. As a result, the top-level headers all appear in the right Table of Contents. Here’s an example of a page structure with multiple top-level headers:

My first header

My sub-header

My second header

My second sub-header

6.1. And here’s a second-level header#

Notice how it is nested underneath “Top-level header 2” in the TOC.

7. An example with a single top-level header#

If the page only has a single top-level header, it is assumed to be the page title, and only the headers underneath the top-level header will be used for the right Table of Contents.

On most pages in this documentation, only a single top-level header is used. For example, they have a page structure like:

My title

My header

My second header