The PyData Sphinx Theme#

A clean, Bootstrap-based Sphinx theme from the PyData community. This theme is designed for more complex documentation that breaks into natural sub-sections.

It puts all top-level pages in your toctree into the header navigation bar. The sidebar will be populated with second-level pages when a top-level page is active. This allows you to group your documentation into sub-sections without cluttering the sidebar.

See also

If you are looking for a Sphinx theme that puts all of its sub-pages in the sidebar, the Sphinx Book Theme has a similar look and feel, and Furo is another excellent choice.

This site is a guide for using the theme, and a demonstration for how it looks with various elements.

Sites that use this theme#

Aknowledgment and inspirations#

To build this theme we drew inspiration from other great projects on the web that we would like to acknowledge here:

Thanks to @drammock for initial design of the theme logo.